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Art-Porat - J. Porat's Art

Conversations with Kafka

J. Porat's Kafka
Works 2000 - 2005


This exhibition is yet another brick in the glorious buildings of paintings inspired by literature and juxtaposing these two realms of art. It is an interpretive, principle confrontation between the worlds of literature and painting, and between the worlds of Kafka and Jacob Porat. However, more than anything else, it is a confrontation with the world of the readers-viewers – their way of deciphering Kafka's works on the background of Prague and their comprehension of Kafka paintings by Jacob Porat. [Prof. Nurit Govrin, Tel Aviv University]


The paintings are a splendid aesthetic expression of a world of nightmares, of frightful dreams becoming concrete, of the encounter between madness and nightmare and the logical, sane, and clear. They manifest art’s exclusive ability to unify conflicts and contradictions, to express lunacy by aesthetic means, and to concurrently depict contradictory situations: terror and beauty, colorful loneliness, styled nightmare, terrestrial hovering, and life growing out of death [Prof. Govrin]

To Jacob Porat, friend and colleague

  Kafka in town

As a ghost now

With double meaning


He within you

Prague and its castle, palaces, churches, gardens, houses, bridges and abundant water

As if it were paradise – a departing angle for Kafkaesque thoughts on reality and hell

And how to penetrate his soul

You try photography, composition, graffiti, word and image

Repeating changing motifs

You try




Dorit Kedar, PhD - Creative Arts and Philosophy